We transform mineral supply chains to improve the lives of artisanal mining communities

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The Better Sourcing Program is a social impact focussed company that works commercially and reinvests back into the communities in which we operate and with whom we work

Become a Better Sourcing Company

We want responsible sourcing to be more than a compliance issue. We believe responsible sourcing can help transform the mining environment at source where it can improve lives and communities.

We want responsible sourcing practice to be adopted, standardised and shared across the private sector. This is why we devised the Better Sourcing Standard. The Better Sourcing Network then allows you to become part of the family and learn and engage with other Better Sourcing companies.

Contact us to learn more about the Better Sourcing Standard and the practical steps to becoming a Better Sourcing Company.

Become a Better Sourcing Donor

 We are working directly with key donors including USAID and the UKFCO to better target responsible sourcing in ASM to support development interventions. We also help our donor partners better analyse positive and negative impact by measuring key development indicators in mining localities over time.

To learn how we can support development programmes within the ASM sector or to join our campaign for better sourcing contact us now.

Become a Better Sourcing Advocate

Over the last five years the power of the consumer and the campaigner to change and improve responsible sourcing has been clear for all to see. We want to support individual campaigners and campaigning groups to be catalysts and champions for further change in ASM.