The only integrated information platform in the ASM sector

The BSP Dashboard

Supply chain data from extraction to export. Consolidated and curated on one platform.
BSP Supply Chain


  • Validation against ‘conflict minerals’ regulation and responsible sourcing expectations for compliant minerals and metals exports
  • Active risk assessment, monitoring, management and mitigation, e.g. child labour in line with global regulatory and ‘responsible sourcing’ expectations
  • Online, real-time traceability model tailored to operational context
  • Assessment and monitoring of multiple risk and impact metrics over time – all in one place


BSP Enables

  • Companies implementing responsible sourcing programs and/or requiring upstream supply chain due diligence implementation (mine to smelter / refiner) with a particular focus on supply chains exposed to risk stemming from artisanal and small-scale mining
  • Industrial mining companies (or e.g. agri-industry, onshore oil & gas etc.) that have responsibility for a large land area
  • Investors that want to understand risks in a potential investment destination
BSP Social Impact


  • Real time risk assessment, monitoring, management and mitigation to ensure responsible mining activities
  • Comprehensive measurement of human development indicators in communities of implementation allowing for targeted CSR and development expenditure
  • Assess and measure the impact of specific CSR and development expenditure over time, allowing donors and companies to demonstrate impact over time
  • Deliver more responsive and effective development interventions


BSP Enables

  • Companies expending CSR budget in the upstream and seek to assess, measure and demonstrate the impact of that investment over time (means indicators we collect data against are both human development or environmental indicators, and the standard risk indicators)
  • Development actors wishing to supplement the impact of responsible sourcing efforts through direct community investments in the upstream
  • Development actors and companies wishing to measure the impact of their development and/or CSR budget expenditure in a particular locality over time

How We Work

Trained and experienced local BSP field agents assess and monitor mine sites.   

They also ensure our tech-based monitoring is then implemented correctly by local partners.

Materials extracted from a BSP mine site are then covered by the electronic traceability system from our world-class traceability partners, such as GeoTraceability.

Material is tagged, barcoded and scanned. This prevents the disappearance or tampering of bags.

Data on the context of the original extraction and on its journey to export is then uploaded on to BSP’s Information Management System (IMS), using a smartphone technology solution.

Data is tracked in real-time allowing the continual monitoring of risk throughout the export process.

All of the data is fed live to a database, allowing for risk mitigation to occur prior to export into international conflict-free markets.

Data is available in one consolidated and easy to use dashboard.