Powering ASM development and commerce

Creating a virtuous circle between resource extraction and local development 

We believe innovation can be brought to bear in any context, including the world’s most challenging mining environments.

By merging local expertise with cutting-edge technology commercial and development opportunities can be unlocked across global artisanal and small scale mining.

Our approach is proving it.

Strengthening compliance

We help our clients meet international responsible sourcing expectations and comply with conflict minerals regulations.

We do this by delivering supply chain transparency and real time risk and impact assessment, monitoring, management and reporting.

Validating supply chains

Our approach validates your supply chain against 16 key criteria enshrined in our Better Sourcing Standard.

It represents the global market entry criteria for ASM produced minerals and metals.

Improving mining communities 

The Standard is seen as the blueprint for safer, cleaner, and more transparent artisanal and small-scale mining.

 It is driving improvements the lives of the communities that depend on the sector for income and livelihood.

We want mineral extraction and export to work for mining communities as well as the market

Our goal is not only to improve upstream due diligence efforts but also to give local mining communities and their development partners the tools needed to identify and improve mine sites and mining activities for their own long-term benefit.

While recent years have seen significant improvement in the response to conflict minerals, the local impact of due diligence remains unmeasured.

Local populations, whose only source of income is mineral extraction and trade, remain highly vulnerable despite initiatives that have sought to deal with this problem.

We are the first company to address this problem by merging local and global expertise with innovative technology and data collection to offer the most transparent raw materials from Africa and around the world.